1) Do you have diabetes because you ate too much sugar?(I suggest you invest in some intellect)

2)Can you test my blood sugar?(Believe it or not this pisses most of us off)

3)You’re so lucky, you can eat in class whenever you want.(Yeah, but with that comes stabbing my fingers 8 times a day)


GUYS! I’m finally going to make the Type 1 Diabetic Tumblr List



I finally have a week off from uni (yaayyy) and some free time, and I’m going to set up the Type 1 Diabetic Tumblr List to attach to my blog, because having other dia-badasses to talk and connect with can make life with type 1 that little bit easier 

So, if all the Type 1 Diabetics of Tumblr could reblog this and spread the word, I’ll set it up this week.